Director's Message

The Agricultural Issues Center of the University of California is entering a period of transition. We face the challenge of attempting to build on the legacy of more than a decade of success under Founding Director Dr. Harold Carter. Fortunately, Chairman William Allewelt will provide continued strong leadership for the Advisory Board. We are also fortunate that Dan Dooley has agreed to serve as Vice Chair of the Board.

You will read below about some current AIC activities, and the list of recent publications shows that there has been a continuing focus on important issues facing agriculture in California and the West. Here I want to note one innovation designed to provide the AIC with additional continuity and leadership. This winter I asked several individuals to participate in AIC activities on a continuing basis as Associate Directors and leaders of specific programs of work. In the next newsletter, we will introduce these individuals more fully and describe the programs that they have underway. Here we simply list the names of programs and program leaders.

1. Rural/Urban Interactions: Alvin Sokolow, Extension Public Policy Specialist, Human and Community Development, UCD

2. Science and Technology: Julian Alston, Professor, Ag and Resource Economics, UCD

3. International Trade: Colin Carter, Professor, Ag and Resource Economics, UCD

4. Resources and the Environment: Keith Knapp, Professor, Resource Economics, Soil and Environmental Sciences, UCR

5. Commodity Policy and Market Issues: Daniel A. Sumner.

We have in mind to add at least one additional Associate Director later this spring.

Certain issues are of long term interest and importance to California. Having capable individuals establish programs of work in these areas, we hope that the Center can provide more continuity and follow through than is possible with Center staff alone. We are fortunate that these individuals have agreed to lead continuing AIC programs.

This is an exciting period at the Agricultural Issues Center. The challenge is great, but we have the opportunity to continue to contribute analyses that matter for California and for agriculture.

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