Kjersti Nes

Kjersti recently obtained her Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California, Davis. Prior to attending the doctoral program at UC Davis, she obtained a master’s degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics from Truman State University in Missouri. Her research focuses on food safety and agricultural trade, and her dissertation examined the effect of EU food laws on agricultural trade. In addition to her dissertation, she has several ongoing projects relating to the empirical analysis of policy issues within agricultural economics. Currently, she is examining the use of public standards as a tool for retaliation in the global supply chain and the trade effects of the EU horsemeat scandal (see nearby announcement of her new publication) on this issue.

Dr. Nes worked with Dr. Karen Jetter as a Graduate Student Researcher at the Agricultural Issues Center during the completion of her Ph.D. program, At AIC Kjersti works on projects pertaining to cost-and-benefit analysis of invasive species management. These projects include economic modeling that simulates the costs and benefits of managing water hyacinth in the San Joaquin Delta and economic modeling of the cost-effectiveness of various treatments of HLB disease in urban areas in California.

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